Sigourney Weathers


Therapeutic Trampoline Specialist

Hi there, I'm Sigourney Weathers, a Doctor of Physical Therapy with a strong passion for Rebound Therapy, inclusion, and all things related to disability trampoline and gymnastics. My expertise lies in utilizing trampolines to enhance the physical, cognitive, and emotional development of individuals of all ages and abilities.

As a dedicated tutor at Rebound Therapy USA, I'm on a mission to empower professionals in schools, rehab centers, gymnastics clubs, and non-profit organizations. My goal is to guide professionals through the internationally accredited Rebound Therapy training program and equip them with the skills needed to create inclusive and impactful Rebound Therapy sessions.

With a profound understanding of motor development, sensory regulation, and overall well- being, I bridge the gap between physical therapy and trampoline coaching. By merging evidence-based practices with the joy of trampoline play, we can foster motor skill development, enhance cognitive function, and promote sensory integration in a safe and supportive environment. Join me in transforming lives through the power of Rebound Therapy.

Joy Umenhofer Stovall


Greetings! I'm Joy Umenhofer Stovall, and I'm thrilled to be a part of the Rebound Therapy USA family, working alongside Sigourney to share the transformative power of Rebound Therapy.

I bring a unique twist to training, fueled by an abundance of energy and an infectious passion. My journey through competitive sports, from swimming and diving to trampoline, tumbling, and beyond, has given me a rich foundation for understanding skill development. One of my proudest moments was when a National team member used the word "magic" to describe my approach in breaking down skills, boosting confidence, and overcoming fears to achieve remarkable gymnastic feats.

With a Masters of Physical Education and a Bachelor of Science in Therapeutic Recreation, I've spent over two decades as a gym owner and coach. My coaching career has spanned various disciplines, including Trampoline and Tumbling Programs and serving on the Trampoline and Tumbling National Coaching staff. I've had the privilege of nurturing athletes from grassroots to the international podium and have been honored as Coach of the Year three times.

My qualifications extend to being a Master of Sport in Trampoline, Tumbling, and Double Mini Trampoline, as well as serving as a trampoline expert for USA Diving and achieving the title of State Power Lifting Champion. I've also competed at the World Trampoline Championships, securing a 6th place finish. Safety is paramount to me, and I hold CPR certification and USA Safety Certification.

I'm incredibly proud to be an inductee into the Aurora University Hall of Fame, a testament to my

dedication to sports and coaching.

Join me and Sigourney in this exciting journey of Rebound Therapy, where we blend our expertise and passion to create a magical learning experience. Together, we aim to make a positive impact on the lives of individuals with disabilities through the power of Rebound Therapy.

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