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What is Flexi-Bounce Therapy?

Flexi-Bounce Therapy uses an orthopedic quality rebounder to deliver a comprehensive, graded exercise and development program for children and adults across a wide spectrum of additional needs. Flexi-Bounce Therapy can be utilized as a stand-alone therapy or in addition to Rebound Therapy. 

Flexi-Bounce Therapy provides many of the amazing benefits of Rebound Therapy, including strengthening, balance, overall fitness, sensory input, relaxation, communication, etc.

Fit Bounce Pro XL Rebounder

Rebound Therapy USA and its tutors utilize the Fit Bounce Pro XL rebounder to deliver Flexi-Bounce Therapy! The Fit Bounce Pro XL has been developed by Rebound Fitness and is approved by for delivering Flexi-Bounce Therapy. Rebound Therapy USA promotes the use the Fit Bounce Pro XL because it is very quite, folds in half for easy storage, and has a large surface area that is great  for therapeutic use!

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