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Winstrada Development Scheme

The first three grades of the Winstrada Development Scheme are based on the Rebound Therapy Practitioner training course and provide a clear, logical, and progressive program for students’ development, as well as providing a fun and exciting program. The Winstrada Development Scheme then continues beyond Rebound Therapy for more able students and gradually tapers into a mainstream trampoline program. The Huddersfield Functional Index (HFI) is the method of using the Winstrada development program to accurately measure and record progress, and provide evidence of outcomes in Rebound Therapy.

This development and award program book is the result of collaboration between Richard Watterston who designed the original concept of Huddersfield Functional Index (HFI), and Paul V Kaye who, with the help and support of Eddy Anderson – the founder of Rebound Therapy, developed grades 1, 2 and 3 of the Winstrada Rebound development and award program. 

A digital copy of HFI for Winstrada can be downloaded below. Bound copies of the HFI are also available by request. Please contact Rebound Therapy USA for more information. You can also download the Winstrada Development Scheme record sheets and progress wall charts from the Winstrada website.

The development and proficiency award schemes for gymnastics, Rebound Therapy, and trampolining cover all levels of ability from special needs and pre-school to fairly advanced. Grades 1 to 3 of the trampoline scheme are based on the Rebound Therapy training course. 

All awards consist of a quality woven badge, a certificate, and a clear plastic certificate protector. Winstrada Development Scheme Awards are available for purchase. Please click the link below to order.

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